Tuesday 4 October 2016

Turning the Class Inside out – the flipped classroom.

Turning the Class Inside out – the flipped classroom.

It is usual for most children to show promise while growing up. Most parents love to display their child’s talent of memorizing poetry and songs to relatives and friends. However, the same parents lament the loss of interest in studies as the children grow up. “He can do it,” says the parent. “If only he would take interest.” It is not rare to find a teacher scolding her student by recounting the songs her student can remember, but when it comes to studies, the teacher is disappointed at the student’s ability to remember simple theorems. Sometimes, it even happens that certain students show promise in class, but the next day they are struggling with the same lessons.
Why do some students fall behind in studies?
There are many answers to question why. Most of them are related to the interest levels of students, and that the lectures are boring. However, is there a solution to this? What if lectures were made interesting? They could include animation and presentations! It has long been accepted that children retain most information when it is presented to them in a pleasing manner.

 You can read the full article here:  Turning the Class Inside out – the flipped classroom.

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