Thursday, 7 April 2016

CA IPCC, Formation Of Functional Strategy, Module 7

Bacha Log, let’s see now, in this Module, Production Strategy. The strategy for production are related to the production system, operational planning and even control and research and development (R & D). The strategy adopted affects the natures of product/service, the markets to be served and the manner in which the markets are to be served. The Production System, number 1, is concerned with the capacity, location, layout, product or service design, work systems, extent of vertical integration and such factors. Strategies related to production system are important as they deal with vital issues affecting the capability of the organisation to achieve its objectives. Strategy implementation would have to take into account the production system factors as they involve decisions which are long term in nature and influence not only the operations capability but also achieve objectives. Operations Planning and Control, strategies related to operations planning and controls are concerned with aggregate production plan, materials supply, inventory cost and quality management and maintenance of plant and machine. To Watch More Such Videos Download The Free RobomatePlus App: Or Visit Website:

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