Tuesday, 5 April 2016

CA IPCC Strategic Analysis Module 4

Baachalog, let’s see in this module, how we find out the industries competiveness and the behavior right, issues of indu stry and competitive analysis, now the dominant economic features of the industry and factors to consider industry’s economic features are market size, how many customers you gone supply right, what is your market size we need to know, what is the competitor market size, distribution channel of different, different companies say for an example Amul or may be Parle biscuits, how do they manufacture it, how they supply, how many agents, how many middle men, how they make the product available in the shop and finally to the consumers, thirdly capital requirement, what is the amount required and how easy is to enter in the industry and how easy is to exit in the industry an example insurance in India is not that easy right to enter into and exit in from, number four whether industries profitable or not profitable as for an example vada pav right now these people sell the vada pav 12 rs or 15 rs where the manufacturing cost is just 5 or 6 rs right, so you understand the profitability, so that is what we need to know before entering into any of the business, number of rivals present, buyers and their relative sizes, nature and strength of competition right, where in porters five forces model is useful in understanding the competition and yaa useful tool also they suggest, identification of companies in strong or weak position, strategic group mapping, study the market position of rival companies, strategic group mapping that is called as what Airtel is doing what Idea is doing right all that has to be studied by the Indian companies like Reliance and TATA right, what their competitors are upto. Now Issues of industry and Competitive Analysis, triggers of change or the driving forces, dominant forces can be called as now this thing comes for 2 marks, internet ecommerce opportunities and threats To Watch More Such Videos Download The Free RobomatePlus App: https://goo.gl/V07g2J Or Visit Website: http://robomateplus.com/

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