Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Get set for you MBA Entrance Exams!

Get set for you MBA Entrance Exams!

The MBA entrance exam season is on the brink of getting started. A number of candidates will be fine-tuning their preparation right now, whilst there will be others who would be struggling to kick the inertia out of their systems and start their preparation. Those who fall in the latter group, should not let the lazy voice within tell you: “Be practical, it’s too late”.  Run away from those who spread negativity. You may come across people who may say, “I’m preparing for the last one year and it’s not working for me” or “These exams are really difficult to crack, it’s not our cup of tea”. Remember these are the people who don’t plan realistically or have laid back attitudes.
The basic syllabus for these exams is roughly the same as Mathematics and English taught in the class VII-X. So, ideally , if your fundamentals are in place then it should take roughly 250 hours of preparation which means just 5 hours for 50 days or 3 hours for some 85 odd days i.e. max 3 months. However, you need to be very focused in these 3 months and practice religiously. Also, you need not run after solving more and more questions, instead focus on solving different varieties of questions and remember the method used to solve these questions. There is a need to master the art of solving questions using shortcut techniques.
Having said that, a valid and essential question is: How to plan these exams? To begin with, preparation time should be divided into 2 phases.

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