Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Tips to get through to a Good B School

Tips to get through to a Good B School

Congratulations to those who have received a call from a B-school

In the second round, top B-school evaluates any candidate on basis of GD and/or WAT and PI.
The first thing that a candidate should focus on is building the content on areas such as politics, economics, any specialisation they want to pursue and the major events that took place over last two years. This will act as catalyst for Group Discussion (GD) and Written Ability Test (WAT).
WAT tests not only the quality of your content, but also the writing style. To build on these two, one must read newspapers and magazines, and cover a wide variety of topics ranging across the domestic and the international circuit.
It is important to get into the habit of building opinions rather than merely collecting facts.

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