Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The Benefits of Flipped Classrooms

The Benefits of Flipped Classrooms

The concept of flipped classrooms is being introduced in the current education system in order to enhance the productivity of students. The term may seem new, but in reality, the concept is not. If you remember, in your childhood days, teachers always suggested reading the chapter before coming for the next day lecture.
Considering the same ideology, in the flipped classrooms students have to view the short video lectures, posted by the teachers before attending the actual classes. And the class time is utilized to solve the queries, practice the hardest concept and more.
There are several benefits of the concept, however, we have mentioned five benefits of flip classes.  

 Benefits of Flipped Classroom

1.    Better Understanding
In a flipped classroom, students understand the concept more clearly and precisely as they do not have to just read the topic.
In regular classes, students first read the topic and then implement it. There may be the chances that the complete concept won’t complete in one go that creates the discontinuity in study pattern. Hence, lead to low productivity. Going through the concept before the class through short video lectures helps students to view it as many times they can.
2.    Promotes Student-Centred Learning
Flipped classrooms allow class time be used to master skills through collaborative projects and discussions. With the teacher’s guidance, this method motivates students to learn and teach the concepts from each other. This will help students to own the knowledge they attain which in response enhance confidence. Moreover, students can have one-on-one interaction with the teachers who make you aware of the mistakes in concept application.

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