Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Tips and Tricks to Crack Data Interpretation in CAT

Tips and Tricks to Crack Data Interpretation in CAT

The DI section in CAT can be rewarding but also your downfall if not attempted carefully. In today’s article we outline some strategies that you could use to make sure that you attempt DI correctly. We have also added a smaller section on how to study for DI in the last month of preparation.

Strategies for Cracking DI

Selecting the Right Sets

Most of the times, your performance in the DI section depends on your ability to choose the right sets. In a CAT DI section, not all sets are worth attempts. There is a good spread of easy and difficult sets. The objective is to choose the easy sets and avoid the tough and time-consuming ones. What is also important is to prioritize the sets that you have chosen to solve so that you don’t end up spending too much time on any one set.
How does one select or reject a set on the face of it? There are many factors that can decide this.

1. Familiarity with the Data Representation

Sometimes the CAT examiners represent the data in a format that may be unfamiliar to you. Because of this there would be a big risk to attempt such a set as you never know how much time you might end up spending in deciphering it.

 You can read the full article here:Tips and Tricks to Crack Data Interpretation in CAT

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