Monday, 3 October 2016

Why is NTSE the toughest scholarship test?

Why is NTSE the toughest scholarship test?
This is because over 12,00,000 to 14,00,000 10th graders participate in the Stage-1 exam. A meagre 4600-5200 students are selected from this huge set of students to take part in stage-2. Out of these ~5000 students , only around 1000 students become eligible for award of scholarship. This means that the final selection rate is only ~0.07% , at par with several of the most toughest competitive exams like the UPSC/AIPMT/JEE. This is why the NTSE scholar tag demands a lot of respect in our society.
Is NTSE Really that Difficult?
 No, although NTSE may seem very difficult considering the qualifying percentage, but there are few points to notice which can help you generate confidence of clearing NTSE
1.    Maximum students who appear for NTSE are unaware of NTSE exam. They just fill NTSE forms because they are asked by the school.
2.    Very few students actually prepare for NTSE. Others just go on the exam day and write the exam as they have nothing to lose.
3.    More than 50% syllabus of NTSE is from your school syllabus of IX and X, so if one is thorough in his school syllabus, he has a great chance of clearing NTSE stage 1 by little testing and practice.
4.    If you analyse few previous year NTSE exams, we come to know that all topics are not that important. You can focus on few very important topics in SAT and still make through NTSE.

You can read the full article here:Why is NTSE the toughest scholarship test?

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