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Structure of NMAT Paper

Structure of NMAT Paper

NMAT is an entrance test for admission into various courses of Business Management Studies in. This test is going to be conducted from 7th October 2014 to 20th December 2013. The long test window provides candidates a convenience to choose a test date based on their comfort level. This is the only test which gives an opportunity to a student to taketwo retakes after first attempt to improve their scores, though it is not compulsory to take a retake.
Structure of the paper
The paper pattern of the NMAT exam is more or less same every year and hence once can strategize in advance.
Every candidate who takes NMAT gets a unique but equivalent question paper. Test comprise of three sections viz; Language Skills, Quantitative Skills and Logical Reasoning. All three sections are individually timed. Language Skills has 32 questions to be attempted in 22 minutes, Quantitative Skills has 48 questions to be attempted in 60 minutes and Logical Reasoning has 40 questions to be attempted in 38 minutes. There are no negative marking in NMAT but students should note that it is important for them to perform well relative to other students in each of the 3 sections of the test as the score of each section and the overall score is used to shortlist the candidate for the second stage of the selection process.
Ideally, the candidate scores are declared in a span of 4-5 weeks after the exam. Their scores are normalised and equated to bring about parity and fairness.

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