Monday, 3 October 2016

How to prepare for MBA Admission interview?

How to prepare for MBA Admission interview?

To get admission in renowned B-school, hard work, and dedication is utmost required. Personal Interviews is conducted to evaluate the communication and interpersonal skills. Moreover, student’s confidence, personality, and leadership skills will be analyzed to offer admission. Hence, preparing for MBA Admission Personal Interview needs-focused approach and ample knowledge about the surrounding that include current affair issues, general awareness. To prepare for the personal interview, aspirants can follow the mentioned tips-
  • Do Appropriate Research– Know the format of admissions committee for the personal interview as it helps you to anticipate questions so that you can prepare for the answers as per the format. Explain your story why you want to pursue the MBA course and also mention how this can will help you in achieving your goals. Be honest no drama or extra talk just be short and talk straight to the point.
  • Practice Harder– Ask the expected questions from yourself and answer the same in a polite manner. Mostly interviews are of 30-45 minutes so, be calm and composed. The more you practice, the more concise, polished, and organized you become. Write a short introduction of yourself. If you are nervous then it’s ok, as you haven’t faced the interview panel earlier so, just stay focused. Make points on the basis of your CV and ask questions. For example, “I’m Amit, I want an MBA” is not a good introduction, that doesn’t mean you have to elaborate your childhood.

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