Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Teacher’s Day: The Privilege & Responsibility of A Teacher.

 Teacher’s Day: The Privilege & Responsibility of A Teacher.

In Indian culture, teachers are considered as god, as they play a significant role in developing the future of India and to assure that we quote- “acharya devo bhava”. Teaching, the profession that is considered above all, as it builds other professions. Good Teachers are the assets to a country without which, imagining the growth and progress of any nation is worthless.
With the advancement of technology and increasing involvement of internet in one’s life, parents of the current generation of students don’t give ample value to teachers. The fact is that, the need of an ideal teacher in the current era has been increased several folds. There is no doubt that information is easily available nowadays, but information on the moral ethics and values can’t be attained without teachers. Along with the easy access to all information, the burden to identify the correct details has been amplified that leads to the requirement of a good teacher who can guide them
In a fast moving life where both the parents are working, a guide or a mentor who can teach the children what is beneficial for them and what’s not is most necessary. A teacher is the only one who selflessly devotes her life in creating a shining future for the nation.

You can read the full article here:Teacher’s Day: The Privilege & Responsibility of A Teacher.

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