Tuesday, 4 October 2016

What NOT to do when getting back to school!

What NOT to do when getting back to school!

Hope you are enjoying the monsoons! Unfortunately the vacations are over and school has started for many and they are back in class. Honestly that is not so bad, considering some of our friends are busy running around trying to get into the best management and medical colleges in the country. I am talking about MBA and Medical aspirants who have been rushing to complete their NEET and CAT applications.
Well, it is a new start to a new year in school or college. Some of you are planning to enjoy and some have resolved to do a little better in studies this year. Whatever you have decided, it is not necessarily going to be all fun and games and it is really not healthy to be studying all the time. Since we have all decided what to do with our coming year, here is a list of what not to do when in school.

Not interacting with the teacher in class

The teacher is there for discipline, so as long as she is there you have decided to lie low. Regarding the questions she asks now and again you are definitely never going to answer them. They are answered by students who just want to show off. This is the basic resolve of probably most students in class. That is good for the teacher. Imagine what she will have to go through if all students wanted to have a conversation with her.

You can read the full article here: What NOT to do when getting back to school!

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