Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Teachers’ Day: Tips to make the Day Special

Teachers’ Day: Tips to make the Day Special

Considering the contribution of teachers in shaping our society and building a better future of any nation, Teacher’s day is celebrated around the world. The customs and celebration methods can be different but the motive remains the same i.e. giving honor to teachers. In India, we celebrate the day on 5th of September.
Teachers play several roles in our life such as guides, mentors, friends, helpers, and much more. So, something special should be planned. Are you ready with your piece of surprise or still planning one? Don’t worry, we have listed some tips and ideas to celebrate this special day. This article will help you in executing a special surprise. So, let’s check out what you can do-
Decoration – The very first must do is decoration. Without soothing flowers and colorful decorations, all celebrations are incomplete. Make charts, clean the classrooms and decorate them with nice flowers. Your teachers will surely like these small efforts.
Speak It Up– It is the good time to do something productive. Thank your teachers with a beautiful speech. Words work better than anything else especially if they are written with feeling. Every student has had some good experiences, share experiences.
Painting– Are you good at coloring? There should not be any confusion or doubt. Place your canvas and start to portray your gratitude and appreciation.

 You can read the full article here:Teachers’ Day: Tips to make the Day Special

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