Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Positive Thinking helps in Achieving Higher

Positive Thinking helps in Achieving Higher

In order to carry a positive action
we must develop a positive vision. 
 Dalai Lama

Positive thinking is a much-hyped concept, but does it work? Or is it easier said than done? Shubha, a 40-year-old Yoga teacher finds it hard to be positive thinking all the time. The example of a Yoga teacher is most appropriate since Yoga teachers usually are doing what they love to do, and it is their job to remain calm. They work in an environment that is peaceful. What could go wrong? How can a Yoga teacher not be positive?

What is Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is not about thinking good things all the time. It is about keeping yourself motivated. It is about aspiring to be the best. The thirst to improve yourself. Standing up again when you fall.
Shubha was going to get married. That was a reason why she had negative thoughts. Although she knew her to be husband, moving into a new house and being associated with another family in a relation was a concern. Above all adjusting to a new routine and investing in the relationship was a priority.

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