Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Teacher’s Day- A Special Thanks to My Teachers

Teacher’s Day- A Special Thanks to My Teachers

In the hustle and bustle of life, teachers forget the impact that they leave on our personality. They keep on giving their best, without skipping any moment, to help us and to guide us. Their teaching remains with us for our entire life and helps us to grow and progress consistently. After completing our education, we hardly get a chance to show our respect towards their efforts. So, teacher’s day is the best occasion to let them know how much they mean to us.
Here, I would like to thank my all teachers who have strived hard to make us better people by guiding us, by empowering us with the best knowledge, so that we can move ahead in life and by making us aware about what’s good and what’s bad.
Thank you to all our teachers. Parents bring the child to this vast and intricate world, but you are the ones who shape us, mould us to become a human being with tons of strength and capability so that we can stand high in all our ups and downs of life.
No matter which field we choose, what we aspire to be, your guidance will always be with us and will help in achieving our goals. Words are not enough to elaborate your efforts.
For students, including me, you are an Inspiration, Empowering, Engaging and much more. As an educator, it may be your profession to enhance my knowledge in academics. However, you have always appreciated my uniqueness and strengths instead of considering me just a knowledge gainer and student. You develop an environment where we as students share our contribution but always appreciated our little efforts. You are much more than just teachers. Hence, I would like to thank you from the core on my heart.

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