Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Win the race against time

Win the race against time

Time management! How many times we must have heard those words in many different ways. Teachers give us time-tables. Parents give lectures how to do things on time. Everybody, who is ‘concerned’, wants us to learn to manage time for ‘our own good’. What is managing time? According to teachers and parents, it is getting up on time and studying the rest of the day. Yeah right! What do they know?
Unfortunately, for some of us the nagging of our parents about ‘studying or else,’ came true when we barely scraped past our exams. That’s when we realized we should do something about it – only to forget about it later.

It is all in your mind.

What we did learn from the past is what we do and most of what we don’t honestly depends upon us. It is time we realize how we react to certain situations including the suggestions we accept and the decisions we put away for later. Try to learn for yourself why you do it. Maybe, it is something you don’t like to do or when you were presented with the situation the time was not right and you made an impulsive decision to procrastinate.

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