Tuesday, 4 October 2016

How well do you know yourself

How well do you know yourself

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. – Aristotle

There are many battles that we are fighting in our lives all the time. It is usually connected to the goals that we aspire to attain. We run the rat race of our ambitions. We sometimes fail, and sometimes we pass, but all the while we struggle to be what we want to be. Most of the time however, we want to be someone else.

Underestimating and overestimating

Whatever your aspirations, the first step towards success is knowing yourself. It means having a proper estimate of who we are. How many times have we underestimated ourselves? We have told ourselves that we may not be able to do certain things? I cannot do it! We have concluded. This happens every day. If we count the small things that we give up because of the various hurdles we encounter, we must be giving up so many things. Then we are overconfident in certain areas. We overestimate of our abilities. We may do it because of encouragement from others or we could be trying not to disappoint someone else. However, when we do try, we fall flat on our faces. Whether underestimating or overestimating, our actions are usually focused on impressing others.

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